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Dünyanın en uzun mankeni EVE 11/25/2009

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Amerikalı manken Eve, 2 metre 05 santimlik boyu ile dünyanın en uzun boylu mankeni olarak kabul ediliyor.

World Tallest Model Ever with 205 cm Height

Tallest model ever. she has 205cm height. At 2 meters and 5 centimeters, Eve may be an incredibly tall, but she’s also incredibly hot. Yup, I do have a thing for “taller than thou” babes. look at the picture in the left and you can compare how tall is she.. in the left picture eve was posed with 1.62 meters tall Australian models. hmm i think that she will listed in the Guinness book of records next year as one of the tallest woman in the history..

Eve, a successful American model and the tallest model in the world will grace the cover of Zoo Weekly, an Australian men’s magazine, with her extraordinary physique. This the first time a woman of her size appears on the front of such a publication and to better show off her tallness, she posed beside a 1.62 meters-tall Australian model.

Zoo Weekly editor Paul Merrill said they had her bikini custom made, but it was worth it. Bro, I totally agree, great job! Oh, and who said good things come in small packages was so wrong!

An American model measuring 205 cm (she’s about 6′9″) is set to be featured on the cover of Australian magazine Zoo Weekly. You think you’ve seen it all. The model, named Eve, appears on the cover of the magazine’s current issue alongside a 162 cm-tall (5′3″) Aussie model.

On Seinfeld, George Constanza dreamed of one day sleeping with a giant woman. But George was a short, bald fella. To him, tall meant about 5′11″. Eve is truly head and shoulders above the other models out there.

“No other magazine has put a woman who’s nearly seven feel tall on the cover,” editor Paul Merrill said, and he’s probably correct in that assumption. “We had … her bikini specially made, but it was worth it.”



1. Emrah - 11/26/2009

Fazla sulak yerde buyumus:)

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